Intavilla specialise in providing one point of contact for a complete range of services for busy licenced estate agents in Portugal.

The Intavilla service is only applicable to qualified Estate agents within Portugal with the AMI license. Intavilla assists realtors make their businesses more profitable and helps their clients enjoy a more comprehensive professional experience.

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About us

Intavilla is a Trading name of Abana Ltd (UK) and is responsible for the creation of a platform of services complimentary to the that of an estate agent or property management company. A network of service providers that agree to a strict regime of commission or referral fees for business introductions.

Since we started Intavilla, each year has brought solid growth and new possibilities with dynamic partners.

Abana Lda, operates in Portugal, UK and Spain and highlights our determination to provide a highly personal service delivery wherever our clients settle.

We provide face to face advice and we specialise in meeting the financial needs of people or companies who have created more capital, or who earn higher incomes, than average, and whose circumstances are therefore more complicated than usual.

Most clients want a trusted adviser to understand and explain the relevant issues, and propose appropriate action. The strength of our relationship and level of satisfaction among clients and partners may be judged by the fact that all new clients come to us as a result of word of mouth recommendations from existing clients, lawyers, accountants, investment houses and financial institutions.

As we move forward we will continue to work hard to introduce more technology as well as new and intelligent ways to provide greater opportunities for all our clients and partners.

Our partners provide a vital role in providing a holistic approach to the provision of expatriate services. It is essential they maintain their independence and impartiality while remaining accountability for the results.

Why Portugal

New ideas, technology and a low cost environment attracts partners, and partners generate volume which in turn reduces the costs of business, providing a mutual benefit to the client and the service or product provider.

There are also tremendous tax benefits for companies established in Portugal and for individuals wishing to retire and take up residency.




Pre Purchase :-

Surveys of expatriates wishing to buy property in Portugal established that they may spend several years testing the market and their own resolves. At this point it is important they receive quality advice to build their confidence.

Post Purchase :-

After making the enormous life changing commitment to buy a property it is vital they receive quality support for establishing connections and navigating the bureaucracy that make or break their long term objectives


90% of expatriates will return to their country of origin. This is normally due to health reasons. This transition is potentially the most problematic and requires planning and professional advice and guidance

Our highly personalised approach, experience in assisting clients and our clear understanding of the specific needs of international business and expatriate clients, drawn from our own international origins, make us the ideal organisation with which to progress..




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Principle Contact

Abana Group
Avenida Mendes Silva 15
3030-193 Coimbra

Abana Group
Cams Hall,
Hampshire, PO16 8AB
United Kingdom

UK Tel: + 44 (0) 1962 65 84 54
UK Fax: + 44 (0) 8721 15 05 88
PT Tel: + 351 214 66 99 99

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